Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday my sweet girl

Another year has past and my sweet girl turns 7 today.  Sometimes it feels like just yesterday she was put in my arms and sometimes it feels like forever.  Time is like that with little ones... sometimes it seems to stand still when you'd like it to pass more quickly and then when you would like time to stand still so you can savor it just a bit, it slips by too fast.  So enough of me waxing on like the sappy mom I am... on to my sweet girl:

Baby J is this incredible energy in this world.  Most of the time her energy is used for good, she is kind, nurturing, extremely intelligent, and intuitive too.  She loves math, reading, dancing, bike riding and playing with her American girl dolls.  This year she is starting to fix her eye on the art of performance... she wants to be on stage, so I can imagine she is going to go the road of a thespian.

This is one independent and tenacious child.  Qualities so strong that she will do well in this world... yet parenting her through the rough patches is quite a ride.  She has a gracious heart and a desire to do what is right, so the discipline road has been as helpful to me as it has been for her.  Funny how that works.  

I just love this little girl.  She is amazing and every year I say this, but it's worth saying it over and over again.  I am so grateful I get to be the one with the front row center view of this girl's journey through childhood.  She helps me love deeper, resolve more firmly, be the type of woman I would love her to be someday.  She is my creative partner so much of the time always at my side in the studio and she has a good eye... the crafting bug has been passed down another generation in my mother's, mother's, mother's legacy.  Love that!  Happy Birthday sweet Big Girl J!

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