Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Boo is 9...

I wrote this yesterday... but with all of the celebrating... this blog post never made it live:

I cannot believe my sweet boy turns 9 today.  The time has just flown by!  I am one lucky mom to have him for a first son!  Boo has an amazing perspective on life.  He is full of wonder, committed to learning, excited about his future and kind natured.  This has been a great year of growth for him too.  Here are some highlights for this past yeare:

* He has continued to work hard in karate and now holds a Blue with Green Stripe Belt.
* Boo loves to ride his bike abd to explore the world with his cousins and friends.
* He loves school, loves science, and loves to read!
* Video games are still his favorite hobby and I am so proud of him because he has been saving his allowance for months so he can purchase a 3 DS.  I am quite certain with the help he received from Santa this year and some birthday presents from loved ones he will be achieving his goal today!
* Boo started playing the trumpet this year and loves band.

Most of all Boo has grown as a human being.  He is more compassionate, has developed more integrity, and deepened his understanding of a living God.  I so love this kid!  Happy Birthday Boo!

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