Friday, April 6, 2012

Bubbas is 5

Forgive me for this very delayed tribute to my sweet Bubbas!

My sweet and sensitive third born has turned five and what a ride this past year has been!  He is full of life and full of wonder.  He is a kid of paradoxes...strong willed and easy going, agressive and compassionate, cooperative and defiant, all at the same time.  It is a joy to be mom to this child, and see the world the way he experiences it.

Being the third child in four years, Bubbas came into a world of chaos and lots of activity, and yet when he joined our family he was unshaken by it all.  He was after all, our zen baby.  Little did I know that his zen would be a whole lot more active at the age of four.  He is a kinetic child and a deep thinker which in combination ensures that there is a lot of *adventure* throughout our days together.  And I wouldn't miss the adventure for anything.

Bubbas loves to cuddle and is so super affectionate.  I just cherish when he climbs up in my lap and places his little hand over my heart.  That experience has been of ritual of ours since he was about 3 days old, and I am so delighted that he still seeks out our special sacred ritual on a daily basis.  It is our reset with one another.  We are both hot tempered, so boundary testing is often a bit dicey, as I have to remind myself constantly that I have to be more mature than he is when there is conflict.  I practice a mantra that goes something like this: "Boundary pushing is a development imperative... this is a sign of character growth."  (Most of the time I think the opportunity for character development is more for me than for him though.)

Because Bubbas and I have similar quick tempers the testing years can be really hard on the mother- child bond, but we have this hardwired space of connection to return to time and again and I am so grateful that Bubbas led the way during those first days of his life five years ago.  And in the past several weeks I have been excitedly ushering in this birthday, as I've seen some glimpses of the shift.  I love five years olds, pretty much universally, but I especially love my children at age five.  Bubbas is awesome at five!!!

He loves to make things, from lego creations to inventions using all sorts of household items.  He loves to ride his bike and to play with his siblings and friends.  Bubbas is stoking the sweetest little preschool romance and I have to say, he chose the sweetest little girl in his class to adore.  She is a perfect match for him as she takes no "nothing" from him.  Many of his days revolve around imaginative play and he is constantly play acting with his friends on the playground!

Bubbas, I love you so.  It is such an honor to be your mother.  I have been so blessed to be able to watch your boyhood evolve and I cannot wait to watch every minute of your path into manhood... just please walk your path as slowly as possible, I want to savor every day.  I already know you had an incredible birthday and it was a joy to show you how much we all love you!

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