Monday, July 23, 2012


I am really working on the basics today.  Remembering to breathe... breathe in presence, breathe out  stress.  Why is our most basic function so hard to be mindful of in times of great stress?  That is when we need it most.

I am in a season of returning to the basics.  And breathing is most definitely a basic.  A basic need, a basic expression. It is among our very first individually executed acts upon our arrival to this place and the last thing we carry with us when we pass on to what comes next.  What seem quite amazing to me is that in the everyday in between it seems so mundane and ordinary.  I push its reality to the edges of my awareness, that is, unless I need it and it is not available for me when I beckon.  Breath is a subtle travelling mate vital in every way, even while operating underneath the spotlight.  Life cannot happen without breath, and yet I have forgotten to notice it's presence for far too much of my experience through time.

So today I pause.  I pause to bring in the present reality and breathe out the stress of my burdens.  And hopefully in that exercise, I can experience balance for just a little while.  I can control my breath, but I cannot change much of what burdens me now.  As long as I have breath, I have life,

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