Monday, July 9, 2012

A Common Thread

Sometimes I get a little glimpse of the thread that goes through my life and it has a beginning as far back as my memory stretches.  It is a constant yet silent companion that accompanies me everywhere I go... and too much of the time I forget I carry it with me.  It is, all the while, weaving it's way through my life, so much so, that I believe the Creator is creating a sort of tapestry with it.  A design of which I cannot see in it's entirety, but I am acquainted with the general theme.

Every now and again I get a sneak peek of what comes next and every single time I get a glimpse it takes my breath away and scares me to my core.  I have no doubt that is why I rarely get a glimpse, for it is too much for my control freak tendancies and over attention to detail.  I begin to worry about how I'm gonna get from the ditch I find myself lying in today, to the place I being beckoned towards tomorrow.

So for today I will just choose to give thanks for the thread that is so very common in my daily life.  I do so much of the mundane that sometimes I feel like I'm moving nowhere fast, but I have to believe that valuable work is still being done, regardless of my commonness or my pace.  My thread is common indeed, but in the hands of a mighty artist, it is good... so very good.  May you find a glimpse of your common thread today!

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