Sunday, August 12, 2012

Because I'm cool like that...

...I love to blast this year's Vacation Bible School music in my mini van.  For whatever reason, I am hooked on this year's Sky music by Group Publishing and I am have a bit of embarrassment about how much I am listening to it as we shuttle around town in the vechicle I affectionately call  the mothership.

My rational side understands full well that the music is exactly what it is supposed to be...God's truth in kids bop-ish style.  My rational side also tells me that such music is just the sort of thing that is supposed to make my teeth hurt, but I just can't help myself from singing along.  And so when I found myself actually choosing the soundtrack to listen to when I had no children in the car, I knew I needed to examine this bizarre phenomenon in my behavior.

Here is what I found when I took a breath to understand my heart a little further.  It is not the catchy tune or the sweet kid style of the music that tugs on my heart.  It is the way my children light up when they sing:

"You, you, you, you can trust God.  You can take him at his word and give him your heart..."

"I can trust God, right now, no matter how I feel right now..."  

"I need to think, think, think, think about the goodness of You right now..."

Yes, I want my kids to know the bible.  Yes, I want my kids to know prayer.  Yes, I want my kids to know and be known in the context of a faith community.  But here is the most core and deepest desire of my momma heart:  I want my children to know God and to feel known by God.  For me that is the beginning, middle, and end of my goal in passing down a legacy of faith.  So I will embrace my non-rational side and sing out loud for everyone to hear.  I will proudly wave my freak flag, if it will point those three young hearts towards a relationship with Christ.

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