Friday, August 24, 2012

Humor is a great elixir...

I was introduced to this several years ago in a late night hotel bonding session with several of my MOPS friends.  We were at MOPS Convention and enjoying some kid free time!  It was a night where I laughed so hard I cried.  Mothering can be so hard and friends don't let friends mother alone.  It's been a heavy week on this here blog, so today I want to share this awesome performance as a thank you for sticking with my internal discussions gone public.  If you are a mom you will relate.  If you aren't and you had good mothering, you'll want to call your mother and thank her for her blood, sweat, and tears.  Follow that instinct, because parenting is a thankless job.  If you aren't a mother or you did not have good mothering, have hope... it is not too late for those needs to get met by someone who is not biologically related to you.  It is never too late to heal those wounds. Good mothering changes the world and it is not dependent on genetics or timing.

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