Friday, October 12, 2012

This Started as a Facebook Share...

... but I just can't bring myself to post it there.  I don't like to do politics in a social setting in real life as I believe it is a recipe for hurt feelings and unnecessary awkwardness.  I see facebook as the virtual version of a social event only it happens 24/7 in loop, so I really feel like it is dangerous territory.  What is the old wisdom...

Don't talk about money, politics, or religion in a social encounter.

Just so you know though... full disclosure style... I am quite leery of talking politics or money on fb, but I speak liberally about my faith since so many of my contacts are in ministry.  So I am quite capable of breaking that rule on my own terms.  I do see my own depravity straight on... so maybe that will convince you to read on.

This Tragedy  sparked a stirring in me that spurred this rant like fb share that I decided to edit and move to my blog platform.  I moved it over her because this space is where I get speak about the world according to me and if you disagree you are free to share comment and I am free to ignore such comment. (Not that anyone ever comments on this virtual expression of my narcissism.).  So here is what I have to share:

I am rarely political on fb and so grant me a moment (though really what I'm about to say isn't about politics, but humanity and more specifically gender equality.)...

Why are we focusing on funding for public media, when this is one of many other issues that needs our attention?  Being the politically uncategorizable (yes this is a grammatically gray area word) American that I am, I see valid argument both for providing educational opportunity for all and for being mindful about how tax payers dollars get used.  Here's my issue though in this election year.  Our American reality seems so disconnected from the realities in other parts of the world.  We are spending energy splitting hairs, when we could be directing that energy towards grace for others whose struggle for human rights is so much more acute.

So let’s just discuss our issues like adults.  Freedom needs to be protected so public media is here to stay and so is commercial media.  Let’s just quit the histrionics and get back to a reality that is connected to the rest of the world.

So there you have it and I feel better because I just had to get this all off my chest.  Let me close with this though.  If I am calling out others for their histrionics and drama, then the conversation has risen to a totally toxic level.  I have a very high tolerance for drama seeing that I am a drama queen at times.  So really, let's bring it down a notch.