Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Open Letter to My Son on His Sixth Birthday

My Sweetest Bubbas,

I love being your momma and I have nothing but praise for you my son as you celebrate your sixth birthday.  You have had a remarkable year and I am so proud of you, for your growth and for your accomplishments!  You came into my life as a little surprise package and that is still the way you roll...I just sit back and watch the way you navigate the world because you surprise me with joy every day.  

You are a boy with a deep capacity to be empathetic and kind.  In my birthday post for you last year I spoke about how you were a kid of paradoxes and while there are still hints of that within your spirit, this year the most incredible growth has been in your heart.  You have worked really hard to control your impulses and be a good listener.  Kindness towards others has been a big focus for you and you are deepening your compassion daily.  I have watched you put your whole body into the work of controlling yourself and I have been so impressed with how much you have matured this year!  There have been a lot of changes in your world that you had no say in, and yet you have learned to take responsibility to maintain control of yourself and that is impressive.  I know a few adults (myself included) that struggle with this simple task, so carry on my boy, you are doing so well!

You are loving school and growing with confidence each and every day!  You are just on the cusp of being able to read and I see how proud you are of yourself when you recognize your sight words in a book or on signs around you.  You are catching up with your other skills too and I am so glad your Daddy and I listened to your teachers’ recommendation to give you an extra year before kindergarten.  You are now ready to fly and I can’t wait to see you grow into being a smart, strong, confident kinder kid!

I love to watch you build with legos, create with blocks, or think up great things with your imagination.  You are a builder and wherever you go in life, you will be building...building things, building ideals, building relationships.  I just love being with you my son.  Our relationship grows me in a way that no other relationship has ever grown me and I am grateful to have you in my arms daily.  You have taught me to open my vision up about the world.  You help me stay more present in each moment because you are always fully present in yours.  You are a deep thinker and always observing how things work in the world around you.  You bring me to such a deeper conviction of faith too, I have found hope in ways I never could before you were in my life.

So as you go into your seventh year here is what I have to say to you my love...keep doing life the way you are!  You are doing well my child...keeping learning and growing and loving with all you have because you doing oh so well!  I love you sweet child of mine.  Thanks for letting me momma love on you!

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