Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am interrupting this week’s focus on the male side of the gender equality issue because our national conversation has turned to another social issue and it is getting ugly. I want to speak with my voice not about the issue of marriage specifically, but the way in which the conversation is unfolding.  I will get back to my regular programming soon, but I need speak this conviction...

You can accuse a person of being unpatriotic or not a true believer when they disagree with you on social issues, but it doesn’t make it true.  None of us are in a position to make such judgement calls on another human being’s heart and value system.  We are all human.  We are all flawed.  We are all inconsistent at times with our value system and our belief system.  We are all depraved.  Yet even still we are all loved and God sees into the heart of each person, it’s not our job to condemn nor absolve.

The Gospel is about love.  God first loving us, us loving God in response, and then learning to love others.  If we sacrifice that in an effort to win others to our specific ideology on an issue, then we have done nothing that God will be proud of us for.  Relationships trump rules every time, and on this Holy Week, I pray that those like me who have no stomach to go to the mat condemning this or that, will rise with one voice and say:  

Relationship is what matters.  The rest... well God’s already taken care of the gap that depravity 
created in us all.  

We are in this time and we must face this time with kindness and deep compassion for all.  If I can hold tight to the truth that I don’t have all the answers and I need rescuing, maybe I will think twice before tearing someone else down for disagreeing with me.  I usually just avoid this sort of thing, but today I have enough courage to stand up and say I won’t discuss issues in such an ugly way... Who’s with me?

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