Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alittle Wrap Up

So I feel like I want to do a little closing post for some of the conversations I started during Women's History month... even if it a tad into the next month already.  Hey, the issue of how we are talking about marriage equality was a worthy disruption that I am sure I will unpack more in the near future. (but I can never tell where my writer's heart will go next... I am learning to just listen and follow my inner voice)

Last month I touched on the issues of domestic violence, censorship and oppression based on gender, the issue of submission and dominance in literature and media, the gender gap in math and science, the lack of strong male characters in children's movies, the phenomenon of the Disney princess, and issue of communication and socialization.  I feel tired just listing these things all together.  I chose to focus not just on women's issues but human issues and more specifically how our current culture impacts gender issues in overt and covert ways.

My goal was to open my own eyes and take notice of what is happening around me and this exercise has changed me.  I feel more alert, more alive, and more purposed to continue the work of equality in our world.   I am becoming the change I wish for in the world...even as it is hard and and slow progress.  There is quite a distance to go personally, as well as collectively; yet we can celebrate the distance already travelled!

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