Monday, April 8, 2013

My Inspiration These Days

I'm feeling a bit worn out right now because my blog has been a tad on the heavy, linear side and I want to shake things up a bit.   I thought I would share with you what is making my life light up right now... so enjoy:

1.  The Divergent Trilogy-  I'm on book two and I'm pacing myself because book three doesn't come out until the fall.

2.  The Year of Biblical Womanhood-  One amazing read.  Rachel was spot on and showed such integrity and humor in how she approached the issue of gender equality in the American church.

3. The Homekeeping Handbook-  While I was reading the book above this book was mentioned a couple of times and I became curious, so I trekked out to my local library and checked it out.  This book is filled with little treasures.

1. Lincoln

2. Les Miserables

3. The Mirror Has Two Faces-  An oldie but goodie.

For My Kids:
1.  The Jesus Storybook Bible-  We've loved this book for years... loved it so much that both of our copies needed emergency repair services last week.  Now that's a well loved book!

2. Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America-  By Jim Weiss... one of the best storytellers I've ever heard!
3.  Thomas Jefferson's America- Also by Jim Weiss...We love his art!

1. This:

2.  Night Swimming:

3.  Could Not Resist:

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