Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Life has once again interrupted the flow of this blog space and today I take rest and remember the stories that were shattered and the stories that were ended so cruelly in Boston on Monday.  My heart aches for all those effected, for the destruction, and for the evil.  Many stories of the tragedy are already being shared and we as the public have new visual imagery seared into our souls along with the eye witness accounts.  I mourn with those who are feeling devastated and I am wrestling with intense fear of the unknown and anger towards an enemy yet unseen.

Interestingly enough my original post for today was about the need for storytelling in our time and I'll post it another day.  I do still want to pause on the idea of story and share this:

I will choose with all I have within me to remember the stories of heroism and hospitality yesterday.  I choose to store in my memory the first responders running towards the blasts to help.  Lives were saved because of their acts of courage.  I choose to celebrate the the professional and the amateur athletes that are an inspiration for us all.  I choose patience for more facts to be evident and I choose prayer as my posture.  I will shield my children as best I can and hold those I love a little tighter and express kindness a little more freely.  Evil is too big an enemy for me to conquer, so I will stick to battle the darkness within me until the better angel of my nature is more evident then my depravity.  And with a whole lot of grace, life will move forward.

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