Monday, June 10, 2013

In Case You Did Not Appreciate My Random Saturday Snark....

...take comfort, karma has dealt with me swiftly and generously...and it's only Monday morning.

You see that is kind of how it works... if I throw snark out into the world, I receive snark right back and my children were instrumental in protecting the delicate balance of the universe.  In fact I'm sure it is for this cosmic reason that my children were particularly snarky this weekend... because by no means could it be that they were just imitating behavior that was being modeled right in front of them...

Hopefully the seriously depraved part of my personality will be given limited access  to this little ol' blog space going forward; though to be honest it was a great experience to dance around the edges of my shadow and to be brutally honest for the whole world to see.  Maybe there will be a sprinkling of the Snarky Saturday posts in the future, because in reality, I am quite deliberate in trying to be as authentic in my life as possible.  Yes...even bible trusting, Jesus following, egalitarian living, stay-at-home mothers with strongly moderate political and theological convictions do have a dark side.  We all need rescuing.

My dark side is out in the light now, so maybe there is hope for me yet.

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