Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let the Snark Fly Saturday

...Introducing my lastest blog series...

I think having a random sprinkling of my dark side here will balance out the issues I tend to dive into on a regular basis.  Sometimes I experience altitude sickness from climbing so high onto that moral horse I tend to favor.

So for today:

A Random Thing That Pisses Me Off:

Those stick figure family decals plastered on the back of SUVs and minivans all around me.  I hate looking at them as I sit in the valet cue at school drop off and pick up time.  Maybe it is because I am too lazy to order one for my own van and I'm feeling left out.  There is however one exception to this rule: I love the Star Wars version of this weird suburban cultural trend.  So the universal truth in all of this:

If a Star Wars reference is sprinkled into some weird social phenomenon I hate...generally I can be calmed.  

If you remember this, you are sure to be able to manipulate me into many things...yes I am a Star Wars Nerd, why do you ask?!?


gefilte said...

The other day, I saw one with different-sized Apple computer logo window stickers, like the kind they always include in their packages. I am almost tempted to put that on my car... 'cept it seems a bit too fanboyish.

gefilte said...

Oooh oooh. How about this one!
Iron Man family decals