Friday, July 26, 2013

You might have grown up in a liberal Christian Church if you:

* Sang that Father Abraham had many children...not just sons.

* Learned to feed the poor at actual food pantries and care for those in need in rest homes and non profit organizations in your community, but couldn’t find the verses in the Bible that implore Jesus followers to do these acts of compassion as a embodiment of the gospel.

* Were invited to join the church membership and fill out giving pledge forms before you could drive, vote, or drink legally.

* Remember a lot of “worship songs” (and I use that term loosely) with rainbow symbolism and they were not about Noah’s story but rather,  that we are all beautiful children of God.

* Referred to God as “Creator”, Jesus as “The One” and The Holy Spirit as “The Holy Ghost” before 1982-ish and then just the “Spirit” after.

* Read The Living Bible version of children’s bible when you were young and then were given a version with no reference to gender whatsoever during your teen years, probably around the time you went through confirmation.  And during none of those years did you carry said bible to church with you...and neither did anyone else in your Sunday School class.

* Used to sing about being in the Lord’s army until the new baby boomer choir director visited your children's church time and then the song was never uttered again...

* Had no idea that patriarchy and sexism was so alive in the American church because you could personally name 3 female pastors in your community by the time you went to your first youth camp.

* Had no idea that once you decided to walk with Jesus and proclaimed that publicly, some of your gay friends in high school would be afraid your friendship was over because there were loud voices out there proclaiming who gets in to heaven and who doesn’t based on sexual orientation alone, all because the bible told them so.  So then you spent a lot of time in your social system making clarification that you believe a relationship with Jesus has no barriers and really isn't even about eternity, as much as, it is about the here and now.  No matter what.

* Only heard of popular fundamentalist preachers after you left home or as an example of how not to speak about faith.  They were the church leaders that shall not be named in your church or family home.  But you did know Billy Graham, and maybe even went to one of his crusades with your youth group.

* Were aware of the issues surrounding the AIDS epidemic and participating in compassion ministry with those effected in the late 1980’s and early 1990’ this country.

Your church bulletin listed more recovery groups and book discussions than bible studies.

* You could name the 4 Beatles quicker than the 4 Gospels... even if you weren’t on this planet yet when they were all still alive.

***I do not often write in this style, even if I am naturally drawn to this sort of listy meme thing on Facebook and Pinterest.  This list kind of fell out of me I had to share***

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