Monday, August 26, 2013

Transcendance Movement Two- eyes to the hills

despair- a human response to depravity

eyes to the hills

eyes to the hills a skeptic’s gaze rises up,
waiting to view the God behind the bound piece of branch.
I’ve been up against things that were of my own fault
and in those times I understood the muted response.
but though this pain is not under my control, still nothing do you breathe.
the pangs of silence echo through the barren chamber
releasing despair into the void borne of desire unfulfilled.

so alone- lost in the midst of situational despair,
a void that nothing will satiate within this womb of crime.
not of mine but of borne nature so long before- 
the part that was ripped from it’s home rendered me unwhole
and now, the barren dream lodges between my lacked faith and Your goodness.
my skeptic’s heart poised for the wait and see,
even still as my gaze lifts my eyes to the hill.

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