Monday, September 23, 2013

Transcendance Movement Two- Search For Definition

despair- a human response to depravity

Search For Definition

My days seem to run together
and today got lost behind time
The lump of regret sits so in my throat
as memory is reminded of lie.

Once long ago before season of soul crime
the heart was left to beat as You willed.
Now the pannicked muffled cries from the city
invade me to drown out a depraved sorrow.

I am so acutely aware of desire to re-define
unearth the truth foundation for my life.
To recapture that moment before denied
frozen in the depth of lost time.

*** For the record, this movement has been very heavy, so today I am glad to be able to be at the end of the look into a human response to depravity.  Next Monday begins the bridge from despair into hope.  I may have written these pieces more than a decade ago, during a different season of my life, and yet as I have shared this work publicly, the rhythm of my current life seems to be making time these poems again in this season.  Grace Be.  ***

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Lolly said...

Thank you for sharing these powerful poems. So well written. I have so much compassion for you and what you went through. Lolly