Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Boo wrote this essay for a contest at his school last week and I just want to share.  This child has the gift of writing.  Enjoy!

 By Boo 10 years old

Many things happen in my bed every night.  The first is reading, whether it’s required or just for fun.  Books or magazines, for inspiration or for relaxation, I will always read.  The last thing, of course, is sleeping.  But, you may ask, what else happens?  The answer lies in my own brain. 

The first step is to think.  Thinking about what you know brings inspiration, which brings the idea into existence.  This is the part where you should start telling people about your idea.  If they like your idea, great!  If they don’t, well, you can’t please everyone.  Besides, in many cases, the joke’s on them!

The second step is to brainstorm.  These dreams build on the idea, until the idea is truly amazing.  If you want, you can even go on past amazing.  You can make it blow away any other ideas!

The third step is to have faith.  Believing in the idea is what truly makes it possible.  Try not to think about the technicalities, downsides, or issues with the idea.  Just believe it can happen.

Of course, this process can take place any time of day.  Also, it can happen for anyone, not just me.  What would a human be without ideas?  I can’t imagine!  So, use those ideas!  Make them work in whatever you do!  Believe that your dreams will come true, and live on to inspire all who know of them.  This is my message, and I truly mean it.

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