Monday, December 30, 2013

Transcendance Movement Three- My God Man

question-the bridge from despair to hope

My God Man

I grew up learning of your gentle heart
your care for the lost and broken.
I dreamt of the time when we would meet-
my mind always believed the sunday school image.
You would scoop me into your arms
caressing my tear stained heart.

My adolescent heart saw a distant powerful man
capable of miracles and taking away my sins.
Somewhere I tried to believe that was for me too-
but the sins of others trapped me under my own.
In all that though I clung to a child-like hope
that you would someday come to rescue me.

Into my “adulthood” I shed any sense of faith
too many years of abuse squashed out innocence.
Filled with volumes of rage and pain-
I turned them on you my God man.
You never came to take the shame away
so I began my search for a better hiding place.

I searched and searched until I fell exhausted to my knees
to the place where I could lift my eyes to your heart.
In a moment I offered a silent prayer-
can you shed the God man suit my heart wrapped you in?
Reveal the compassion and love in which you came to bring

and help me see living deity.

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