Monday, January 6, 2014


I love you my sweet girl and today you are nine!  I celebrate you because...

... You are wonderfully made.

... You are a kind and joyful soul.

... You are a friend to everyone...especially those kids who need a little extra care and nurturing.  No one had to teach you how to be so kind, it is just something you knew to be and I just love that about you!

... You love to love on kids younger than you.  You are such a nurturing girl!

... You are a thespian and watching you perform is a joy!  You can act, you can sing, you can dance, you can write songs and plays.  I am loving this part of your personality evolve!

... You are growing as an athlete.  You are a gymnast who is mastering round offs and just starting on back handsprings.  As a swimmer you are really just blossoming.  You are fast and you have great technique with your breast stroke, freestyle, and back stroke.  You learned flip turns and diving recently too.  What a joy it is to sit beside the pool or beside the mats when you swim and tumble!

... You don't take nuthin' from no one.  I'm sure it's an occupational hazard of being the only girl among siblings and local cousins.

... You are amazingly intelligent and you are excelling in academics.  You still love math and are enjoying science this year too.  You have developed excellent study habits this year and this is routinely reflected in the work you do.  You've taken your academic skills to new heights and I am so proud.

... You are growing spiritually and asking so many inquisitive and mature questions about faith.  I love that you aren't taking anything at face value and are searching your heart for what is love, what is kind, and what is true.

... You are a cuddly morning person!  You make every day a joy to meet because you snuggle up with me in bed and whisper sweet thoughts and dreams to me!

I hope you have the most wonderful 9th Birthday my child!

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