Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Transcedance Movement Four- Whisper of the Soul

encounter- hope embraced

Whisper Of The Soul

Whisper from the folds of my soul
carry voice from the darkness into light.
Echoing years of silent laughter and tears,
and the aching reality of muffled screams.

The child within me was locked out of soul
humanness of emotion betrayed counterfeit mind.
The manufactured psyche danced with belief that disconnection would protect,
help me survive the years of injustice brought into my young heart.

The fragility of compassion revealed life from within
and though each expression of childhood was hidden from the world.
A good God recorded that which made me real,
in the folds of his soul where he kept my spirit.

There in his Spirit I could wait and find hope
until I could be safe to live the life he had planned.
Only in that strength can the whisper come to life again,

to bring a perspective of divine healing into reality.

*** It is good timing to be shifting to the fourth movement right here in the new's like a divine plan I didn't even notice unfolding.  I'm content to be ending this piece of poetry on the hopeful note I wrote these final poems in years ago and to have them post live right at the beginning of 2014.  May this be a year of hope embraced for us all! ***

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