Monday, February 3, 2014

Transcendance Movement Four- Desire Redefined

encounter- hope embraced

Desire Redefined

desire floats above me disconnected from my soul
trapping the core of the me
heart fears self be lost in moment of the feel
so even the promise of connection cannot prevail

the need not met wells up inside the chamber of doubt 
but to grieve would mean a release into the world
isolation appears safer than exposure of self
leaving me silenced by the muscle of the rote

the me attempts to deny the soothing hand of you- friend
so a search begins for a prized mechanism 
built to contain my haunt from yester ago 
a solo attempt foreshadows a desperate end

I cannot pass beyond the valley of shame’s eye
created within my caverns by abuse and crime
in that moment of revelation conscience pauses 
tears erupt, oldest part of soul spills out around me

a moment of moments- time stands still
choice not to trail down the path towards lie
thus prayer from the depths- light my path

restore the stolen passion of desire

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