Saturday, March 15, 2014

The highlight of my week...

The whole storyline of Sheldon and his mom is cultural brilliance.  I love the way this show handles the issues of morality and religion especially in regards to the way these dynamics impact scientific progress.  The best line come near the end of the episode...

Sheldon: "Well this is confusing for me, but I don't want to stand in the way of your happiness.  So I'll condemn you internally, while maintaining an outward appearance of acceptance."

Shelly's Mom: "That is very christian of you."

Brillant cultural commentary!  Comedy gold, I say.

Watch the whole episode, it won't disappoint.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Transcendance Movement Four- Peace by Peace

encounter- hope embraced

Peace by Peace
life be real
pain can reside
suffering revealed true
if light can flood my soul

wash over me in crimson glory
bring hope and restoration
carry my broken body home
help me live faith in your grace

life known real
painful memories anew, subside
suffering pushes into joyful reunion

light  floods my soul with belief

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Sweet Bubbas

Happy 7th Birthday Bubbas...

I love you my sweet son...

You are an incredible boy.  Full of life, full of this amazing energy that is such a joy to be around!

You are fun loving and a tad mischievous...which I must admit I love!  Never a dull moment parenting you!

You are passionate and such a justice kid.  You will speak up when you see something amiss and you are learning so much about using words to solve disagreements.  You are growing into quite the diplomat these days.

You love legos, swimming, soccer, and music.  You love to build thing and always have a plan that you're dreaming up ways to execute.

You are my snuggle bunny and love to cuddle with still hold your hand to my heart during cuddles.  Every year I add this into my love note to you because it is such a blessing!  I am so grateful that after seven years on this planet you still come to mama for cuddle time every day!

You are super smart and are officially reading...even though you sometimes doubt you are.  You are always listening and always observing.  You love to learn and you love school.

I love you for the amazing boy you are.  Six was a huge growth year for you and I am so proud to see the choices you are making in your young life!  It is so fun to parent you!!!  Happy Birthday my dear son!