Monday, April 14, 2014

Transcendance Movement Four- Threshold

encounter- hope embraced

walking beyond the threshold of consciousness
into the world of inner longing
feeling your hand gently guiding me
deeper into myself where the goodness lives

breath released finally truth I can know
there is a piece of you within me
peace releases my heart from chains of doing
allowing spirit to rise into being beloved creation

the past falls away the future stands still
in the presence of your protection I linger
safely I open my deepest wounds 
your love washes through my heart

the wounds are residue of lies held so long
I hold them tight paralyzed with fear
believing without them I would be nothing
and bad felt safer than the void of existence

the lies shriek throughout our connection
we weep together as we bend ear to hear the noise
even the moment stands still as we grieve what I’ve lost-
the confidence of possibility wrapped in innocence

knowing the moment is soon to pass
you whisper a new melody to replace the dissonance
breathing life into a weary soul
healing years of wounds with your empathy

back over the threshold of consciousness
into the world of the now
your spirit ushers me into life with new hope

where I can share the goodness revealed 

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