Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unexpected Hiatus

My soul has been in hibernation these past few months and it was provoked by an injury that had my body down for the count for a few weeks.  I’m used to spinning a lot of plates all at once with 3 kids, volunteer activities, and a little ole business to keep up with and I love my life.  I enjoy moving at an efficient pace but to keep such a pace one has to stay healthy...anything goes too far out of balance and the whole game changes.  That was this past winter for me, and I am grateful for the lessons that have turned into the gift of wisdom:

1.  Our bodies are made wonderfully complex- self regulating and healing, delicate and strong all at once...and finite.  We need balance, rest, activity, sleep, nutrition, care and when we don’t get what we need, our body will stop us in our tracks.  My broken foot was a warning light of some more complicated health issues that I am grateful are being addressed before my body spun out of control.  I am now on the road to recovery, grace be.

2.  About 1/3 of my To Do list is unnecessary and really just there as a way to feel in control and productive.  I have enough organic stressors to manage, I don’t need to create more work to feel better about myself.  When I’m being good to me, everything has a way of working out.  And an added benefit: excess baggage disappears because relationship and time barnacles naturally fall away.  This has been one of the biggest benefits for me.  I’m really clear on what is most important for my well being.

3.  It is a joy to get a 3 month break from 8+ loads of laundry a week and big household shopping trips.  Totally worth the price of walking in an air boot for almost 10 weeks and counting.  Just saying.

Sometimes an injury or illness is a metaphor for a deeper soul dynamic, as is the case for me.  This injury has allowed me the space to do some deep soul healing and I know that just as my bone will be stronger at the site of the fracture when healed; my heart will be stronger for the grieving I have been able to walk through in this season.  

So I cannot recap the everyday of the past weeks, but I can share some pictures for now because most definitely life was being lived even in hibernation and that’s where the good stuff is.  Enjoy!

Our Special Friend...
Meeting our sweet little friend for the first time.  We are all so smitten!

Sweet J made a big step in her faith and decided to be baptized.  It was wonderful to stand with her on her special day!
Our sweet was was awesome!

So filled with joy....

 Boo's science fair project was fun for the whole family!
playing softball with the a boot no less.
The things we do for science!

Teaching a proper batting stance

Bubba's turn

This kid is a natural!

Solid swing my girl!  Boo in the background
compiling data for his science project.

The husband can make consistent contact.
I've been married to this man for 15 years and had no idea.

And some crafting to compliment all of our family events:

Baptism gift

The backside of water...aka baby blanket in progress.

party favors

And finally, the Old South Church in Boston hosted a scarf project where crafters around the world could create scarves to wrap runners in love on this first anniversary of the bombings.  
I was lucky to participate with many other crafters out there.

Being off my foot gave me the time to wrap some runners in love...

Here is a clip of how this Scarf Project began...

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